3XLOGIC VIGIL SERVER - Your Complete Digital Video Recording Software

3XLOGIC, Inc of US has appointed Network Architects Pte Ltd as the distributor for their award winning VIGIL SERVER video surveillance and video management system software for the Singapore market.

VIGIL Server System software is the core program for building all other 3xLOGIC applications . It is the easiest Video Management Systems to deploy.  Its Installation Wizard assists users to configure their entire video recording and management system in minutes. VIGIL Server System also helps define the system network parameters, the system ID information, and camera profiles.  Users can create configuration template to allow for standardized reproduction complete system configuration in just minutes.

VIGIL Server has an advanced user interface and can be run as a standalone system or connected via IP using a variety of mobile applications. Additional licenses can be added to VIGIL Server which supports integration with third-party devices such as Access Control, Facial and License Plate Recognition, Digital Input/Output devices, etc.

More information about VIGIL Server System software is available at 3XLOGIC’s website.

Contact us at sales@networkarchitects.com.sg for more information of this award winning video surveillance and video management system software.